How It Works

Email System

When a homeowner requests contact from companies on our database, we generate a random, unique email address for each contact. When this address is emailed, our email system securely signs the email so it’s possible to guarantee the mail can be transmitted onwards to the homeowner.

We pass this secure Safeaddress email address to a limited number of trusted companies on our database so the company can email them with quote information. Quite often they will also send details of previous jobs and testimonials.

The homeowner will receive the email that’s sent exactly as it is sent and has the added benefit of being sure that it is genuinely one that has come from one of our recommended companies. When the recipient replies, the reply will go directly back to the sender.

All of the email sent from the advanced Price Engines mail servers is Signed with DKIM and verified with SPF – the two most used sender verification protocols relied on by banks and financial institutions. The servers are also whitelisted by all the major ISP’s and email providers that allow whitelisting.

Call Recording

When a homeowner requests contact from companies on our database, our system generates a unique phone number and & PIN code.  The Phone number will always start with 033 and the PIN will always consist of 4 digits. When calls are made to the number, the system asks for the four digit PIN and then sends the call through our call recording system. 

The homeowner won’t be aware that the companies don’t have their direct telephone number, as everything appears as it normally would on their phone. Only if the homeowner calls the company back, or decides to pass on their contact information will the real number then be revealed to the company. Sending the calls through our system keeps the customers details safe and we only review calls made my companies when necessary for quality control purposes.