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ParentShield uses SafeAddress Technology

Protecting a child’s mobile phone contact details with SafeAddress

ParentShield is the UK’s child-safe mobile network. It provides a SIM-Only service that allows parents to put a ParentShield SIM card into any unlocked mobile phone and instantly protect them against:

  • Unwanted Callers
  • Overspending
  • Malicious or abusive callers

ParentShield uses the core SafeAddress technology to anonymise and protect user data so even ParentShield employees are never exposed to sensitive customer data.

The ParentShield Project was started in 2015 and was three years in the designing before the network launched in April 2018. It currently has thousands of children using its network and has become highly acclaimed and is recommended by police, social workers and therapists.

All uses of the encrypted contact details are necessarily tracked and can be identified. This way any potential breach of sensitive data can be instantly stemmed, and the scope of contacts identified.

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Unique in a Mobile Network

ParentShield is the only mobile network to use the SafeAddress System.

As well as the anonymising features of Safeaddress, ParentShield incorporates the encryption and data deletion technologies we have developed.

Safeaddress forms a core part of the No Data SIM card UK solution that ParentShield offers. The Closed Group calls are recorded and stored using SafeAddress’s secure systems.