How This Affects You

For Home Improvement Quotes Network Companies:

We no longer provide you with a customers direct email address, in the same way as we don’t provide direct phone numbers. You will still be able to send emails to customers but only through our system. Your email will appear as it would without the system, so the customer won’t know that you don’t have their direct details.

We don’t provide you with the direct email address for the customer until after you get a response. We do this as they have only given permission to be contacted about the enquiry that they have made, not to be added to mailing lists or have their details sold on to other companies.

When you mark a lead as appointed in your admin area, the natural phone number and email address will automatically be shown.

The Data we hold will only be held in the UK, on UK based servers and will never be sold or stored outside of Europe. If you wish to keep the details of customers that you have booked appointments with, we suggest that you create your own database, as they will disappear from your account after 6 months.


When we send a lead to a company, we provide them with a recorded phone number that goes through our system. The Number will always start with 0330 or 0333. When the number has been dialled, our system asks for a four digit  PIN, when the PIN is inputted, the company will then be put in contact with the customer. We do this so that all calls are recorded and the customers number is protected from being abused.

To protect the customers email address, we provide companies with a disguised email address, which our system processes and sends to the customer. The disguised email address consists of 8 characters and will look something similar to – The real email address will only be revealed to companies when the customer replies to the email.