Case Study: Price Engines Ltd.

Price Engines Ltd. was formed in 2000 and is widely accepted as the leading provider of Home Improvements Leads in the UK.

The company has pioneered the use of the SafeAddress SafeCall System and currently ‘masks’ ten thousand pieces of homeowner contact information per week.

We no longer provide companies with a customers direct phone number. They are still able to call customers but only through our system. Your communications are logged and secured so you have confidence that the lead is not being abused by any other company.
We know which companies work leads best, and they know how they compare to their competitors.
Placing leads with better companies has vastly improved the quality of the data we provide – resulting in higher conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction.

Vernon Baptiste – Manager

The SafeAddress process has allowed the company to properly comply with GDPR requirements, has improved lead quality – and with it created higher revenues, improved customer retention and improved feedback scores for themselves and their customers.

If a data subject asks for their enquiry to be removed and apply their right to be forgotten it can be done instantly online or via the telephone with just one contact – the one they provided permission to in the first place. Any contact information that has been passed to third party processors is instantly useless.

The ability to take care of everything and do what we tell the customer we will do is incredibly important to us. It saves us time and effort chasing up third parties and asking them to remove data when this can be done automatically and instantly.

Paul Barnes – Callcenter manger